An Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Once in a while I get lucky… very lucky. The term my father uses is “Horseshoes up my ***”. When Tom Webb asked if I wanted to use his Mini for this years racing season, I felt like the luckiest guy on earth. The Mini Transat has always been a goal of mine, but so is traveling to the moon, or learning how to cook crème brule. This goal, however, is turning into a reality.

The plan is simple: Compete in as many “Classe Mini” events as I can, this year, with the hopes of finding corporate financial backing for next year’s racing season, which includes the Mini Transat.

The races I am planning on doing this season are as follows:

Mini En Mai (500 miles solo)

Armen Race (300 miles double-handed)

Les Sables – Azores – Les Sables (2600 miles solo)

On opposite years to the Mini Transat the major race of the year for Minis is from France to the Azores and back. Like the Mini Transat, they don’t just let you race, there is a qualification process I need to go through. This includes a certain amount of racing experience and a long solo passage, which should prove that I am worthy to take on the big race.

What’s cool about sailing the Mini this summer is more then just the racing. Racing a mini is a life style. The majority of mini sailors are broke and living in their van, but loving life. There’s nothing that makes them happier then sailing alone in their mini. They get excited over weird things like a type of splice, or the breaking strength of a new rope they buy for their boat. As weird as it sounds I can’t wait to live this lifestyle!  Simply put, it’s a family, and I cant wait to join it.

My days now consist of emailing as many companies I can think of in search of sponsorship, while managing the jobs list I need to complete before the boat and I are ready to race. I am also two weeks away from finishing my last few assignments at university meaning some serious prioritizing is happening.

I am however so excited to be not only getting out on, but living on the water for the next couple of months. I would trade a comfy apartment anywhere for the chance to do this.

Needless to say, I am excited for what’s to come!



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